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Your donation goes towards creating travel scholarships for disadvantaged youth, seniors and veterans. We are on a mission to enable more people to experience the life-changing power of travel!

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So much of who we are
is where we have been

Most travel to SEE the difference. Why not travel to BE the difference! At Heart Core Hotels we dedicate a portion of our profits to creating travel scholarships for those who otherwise would never dream of it. We are on a mission to enable more people to experience the life changing power of travel!

We aim to:

  • In the age of social disconnect and polarization, promote the value of travel in bridging gaps between cultures, building tolerance and breaking down stereotypes
  • In the age of overtourism, climate change and ever changing post pandemic conditions, be and advocate for traveling safely, responsibly and sustainably.
"The most dangerous worldview is the worldview of those who have never viewed the world."

Alexander von Humboldt

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We’re always looking for passionate people who believe in the transformational power of travel. Contact us if you would like to learn more, volunteer on one of our trips or to let us know about someone who could benefit from a travel scholarship.

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Simply stay at one of our properties or donate to help us create travel scholarships.

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We fund travel scholarships for those who wouldn't otherwise dream of traveling.

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